Cannabis and acne assistance

I have a cream that has CBD in it that treats my acne

I will admit that I am a little nutty when it comes to my skin. I am very acne prone and I fight breakouts on a daily basis. I don’t eat meat, eggs, sugar or milk due to how it affects my skin. I also clean my pillow cases, sheets and PJs more frequently than most. I have a whole line of skincare products that I use on my face and body. I am familiar with salicylic acid, Azelaic acid, and tea tree oil infused products. I use cleansers, moisturizers, serums, oils and masks. I do a whole regimen in the morning, midday and at night. Even with all of this, I still suffer from blackheads, dry skin and acne spots. What really has changed the game is cannabis oddly enough. I did some research on acne treatments and found that cannabis has been linked with being helpful. So cannabis can reduce inflammation in the body which means the red bumps on my face look less irritated. Cannabis also reduces the amount of sebum the body produces. This is the oily substance that clogs pores and creates acne in the first place. Since I didn’t want to buy pre-rolls or a vape or take in sugary treats, I went the topical route for my cannabis products. I have a cream that has CBD in it that treats my acne. I wear it at night and put a light layer on in the daytime. My bumps dry out instantly with the cream and hardly look like acne anymore. I still use my other products, but the cannabis cream is much stronger.

Cannabis is too good to ignore

It really is shocking to me how long it has taken our country to rely on cannabis.

People have been using cannabis in the olden days. Way back in the 1500s it was used in religious ceremonies and for medical purposes. Research had been done on the medical properties of the plant way back in the 60s and it has slowly gained in popularity. Even though cannabis was around for so long and used in positive ways, our country had placed a bad label on it. For years we were told about cannabis being a gateway drug to worse products like meth, heroin and cocaine. Cannabis is not even in the same category. Finally the positives of this plant is getting some press. The medical benefits no longer can be ignored. It is common practice for chemotherapy patients to use cannabis to help with nausea. People with seizures, dementia, PTSD and MS are using cannabis. Even issues like anxiety, depression and sleep disorders are finding relfie with the plant. Most medical marijuana patients are going for cannabis due to the help with chronic pain and inflammation. Cannabis also isn’t harmful recreationally too. You can overdose or get addicted to cannabis. It is a fairly safe and healthy way to have fun. Cannabis is much better and easier on the body than alcohol. So why do states still resist legalizing recreational weed? The money alone that cannabis could bring to a state is shocking. The states with legal marijuana have offered jobs to 100s of people too. Our country cannot ignore the benefits much longer.


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Cannabis concentrates

I started messing around with different ways to take in cannabis. I have smoked flower and oil before. I have also tried every edible and topical product around. I found that cannabis concentrates are a hardcore, experienced cannabis user thing to do. At first I was a little intimidated because that requires a rig system and a complicated heating process. After a little research I got confident to try a cannabis concentrate. So first, what is that exactly? Cannabis concentrates are created by eliminating the excess plant material and breaking it down to the most disearble parts. You are getting the raw, good stuff in cannabis. You get cannabinoids and terpenes, which makes the product very potent and effective when you take it in. due to the product being broken down to cannabinoids and terpenes, you get more flavor, smell and effects. You have a wide range of options when it comes to cannabis concentrates too. There are budders, wax, shatters, live rosin and much more options out there on the market. You can concentrate on edibles, tinctures, topicals and other methods. You can even vape or dab the concentrate. Dabbing was the method I was most interested in. You have a rig set up which looks like a long, metal nail that gets heated to a certain point. The vapor is highly potent once it gets heated. The dabbing rig setup is extremely expensive but the cannabis dispensary near me has a dab bar that I just frequent when I want to use cannabis concentrates now.
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Vaping is a much better way for me

I was a cannabis flower guy for a very long time.

I smoked through a bowl, bong or bought pre-rolls at the cannabis dispensary near me.

The process to get to smoking my cannabis was long and tiring though. I also didn’t like that I created fumes and smells like cannabis whenever I smoked. It was very obvious what I was doing to everyone around. I started looking for a more discreet method of taking in my cannabis. I have zero interest in edibles. Cannabis is a plant and I want to smoke it. I don’t want to eat sugary snacks or drinks in order to get the relaxing high feeling. I found that cannabis oil can be vaped and my life has changed for the better. Vaping cannabis is just way better. I now have a little device that I carry on a lanyard around my neck or I stick it in my pocket. It is small, compact and lightweight. Nobody knows when I whip it out to smoke too. The smell when you vape is non-existent. There is hardly any smoke that comes out of the device too. At a party it is really easy to take a few puffs in the bathroom or as I am walking up to the house. The vape is always locked, loaded and ready to go. How the vape works is much healthier too. I am no longer breathing in harmful chemicals and fumes due to the way the oil is heated. I can also choose if I want to vape heavily on CBD, THC or terpenes. I really get the best of everything vaping a cannabis oil now.

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Cannabis delivery makes things easier

Delivery is the most amazing thing in the entire world.

I love that I no longer have to come in person to pick up my products.

I have gotten everything I can set to be delivered. I love picking out all my groceries online and having them sent to me. I no longer need to stand at the deli or go back to the store for a missing item. My birth control, air filters and cat related products are all on a delivery program as well. The best is cannabis delivery though. I used to drive 20 minutes both ways to get to the cannabis dispensary. Then I needed to walk around the store for almost ten minutes trying to find what product I used. Then I waited in line, paid and had to go back home. It was a long, tiring process. Shopping online for cannabis is the best. I can read the product descriptions, reviews and take my time with the purchase. There is even a chat feature with my online cannabis dispensary too. I can text back and forth with a budtender if I need help or recommendations. I get all the same quality service but I don’t need to drive or change out of my PJs. Then once I have placed the order, I just sit on my butt and wait for it to come to my front door. I feel like a king. With COVID I don’t even need to greet the driver either. I can do contactless delivery and just have them leave it in my mailbox. My life has gotten so much easier now that cannabis delivery is becoming commonplace. I have no need to ever go into a real store anymore.

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Helping my sore muscles out

I have always been extremely active. As a child I did multiple sports like hockey, tennis, soccer and football. In college I was on the soccer team and played pick up games in my spare time. As an adult I work out seven days a week for at least an hour. I will go for long runs, take out my bike or swim for extended periods of time. I stretch before and after a workout, but I still sustain injuries. I also never take a day off from a workout, even if I am sore. I just live in a constant state of soreness and pain. I have knee issues, stiffness in my hips and plantar fasciitis. I recently decided to do something about my pain. I found that people use cannabis products to treat pain and inflammation. It is supposed to loosen the muscles and relax the body. I didn’t want to smoke a joint or vape cannabis oil though. I wanted something more medical like and practical. Thankfully the budtenders at the cannabis dispensary near me were amazing. It was highly recommended for me to go the topical route. This is where the product is directly applied to the skin for relief. Typically it doesn’t contain any THC content to get me high either. I choose a CBD cream that I now apply to my skin twice a day. It feels like a much more powerful icy hot on my body. It feels like heaven on my sore muscles and I have already noticed a difference in my movement. I think if I can manage to take at least one day off from working out, I will get back to normal.

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Taking mom to the cannabis dispensary

My mother is in her 70s and is quite mobile.

  • She still does yardwork, cleans her house and drives her own car.

She works out and stretches everyday. Even though my mother is still quite active and spry, she does suffer some limitations. She has real trouble with arthritis, especially in her hips. My mother struggles bending down and jumping into my truck. She also has issues sleeping at night due to the pain. My mother has been to multiple doctors and tried all sorts of medications. The side effects were horrible and she never got any relief. I have just now finally convinced my mother to go to the cannabis dispensary for me. Weed has been linked with helping arthritis. It can decrease pain and inflammation. It helps the muscles relax and loosen up. Since my mother is of an older generation, she still believed the negative stigma on cannabis. Thankfully she changed her mind after being in a cannabis dispensary. The budtenders were professional and knowledgeable. The cannabis dispensary was clean, modern and had a wide range of cannabis products. Mymother was able to hear about the different consumption methods and choose what she preferred. She also got to discuss flavor, smell and dosage with a knowledgeable professional. It felt more like taking her to a doctor’s office than a weed shop. She was pleased with what she got and the experience. My mother has seen relief with her arthritis pain as well. She is able to sleep, stretch and move around much easier because of her cannabis products.




So many ways to dose with cannabis

For anxiety and depression I have THC infused gummies that I pop into my mouth throughout the day.

I was relieved when my state finally offered legal recreational cannabis. I have suffered from insomnia, anxiety and depression for years. I just sort of dealt with it on my own. Going to the doctors would be too expensive, time consuming and disheartening. I knew I wouldn’t take prescription pills either. Cannabis has been linked to treating all those issues, the problem was I couldn’t get my hands on it. When the first cannabis dispensary in my area opened up, I immediately went inside. I was shocked at how many cannabis products there are out there. To start with, there are inhalations, orals and topicals to choose from. So that means I can choose to smoke a cannabis flower or oil through a joint, vape, pre-roll, bong, pipe and all sorts of methods. The oral route is a wide selection of edibles like cookies, gummies, mints, chocolates and tablets. Topically people use creams, lotions, sprays and bath bombs for inflammation and pain relief. It seemed the best fit for my issues was the edible method. In order to sleep I use a CBD oil that I place under the tongue each night. For anxiety and depression I have THC infused gummies that I pop into my mouth throughout the day. It keeps me calm, relaxed and happy to have them nearby. I feel bad for the states that are still medical cannabis only. It is such a relief knowing I can walk into the store anytime I run out of my cannabis products. I also get better quality products suited to my exact needs.

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CBD products to reduce stress

I have always been a really intense and high energy person. It has helped me reach due dates at work, lead projects and be a manager of a small team of people. I can plan a trip without any problem and I always show up on time to events. That kind of high energy means that I am a naturally stressed out, edgy person. I have started developing anxiety due to work. Driving to work is very difficult because I start having trouble breathing. I then need to pull over before an anxiety attack happens. Occasionally at work I get a little panicking with all my due dates and projects lined up. Since my anxiety was starting to affect my productivity, I started looking for help. I found that anxiety medications come with side effects and aren’t too reliable. A lot of people use cannabis for anxiety now and that is what I do. Introducing a little CBD into my day to day routine has helped a bunch. When I get to work I chew CBD tablets at my desk. It mellows me out and keeps me calm throughout the work day. Before I go to bed I put CBD oil in my cup of tea. It is so relaxing having a hot drink and CBD to soothe me to sleep. I sleep better, feel better and haven’t had an anxiety attack since I tried CBD products. I might need to up the THC as I get older. For now, I seem to be doing just fine with what I have.


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Arthritis relief with cannabis

As I have gotten older I have developed soreness, pain and stiffness in my hands.

At first I thought I had overworked my hands due to my job.

I work online, typing on a computer all day. I also paint, garden, and like to knit in my spare time. My fingers and hands get a lot of use. I then did some googling when the pain got to be severe. I realized that I had developed arthritis. I had to cut off all my rings because my fingers swelled to sausages. I also started eating gin soaked white raisins to lessen the inflammation. It helped somewhat, but I needed more relief. I looked online and found that a lot of people rely on cannabis for arthritis now. I had the option of smoking a joint, blunt or pre-roll of cannabis flower or I could do a simple topical. I am more of a topical girl. I now use a cream that I apply directly to the affected areas two times a day. I wake up and go to bed by putting on my cream. The soreness, inflammation and stiffness is much better. I have more movement in my fingers and my hands don’t ache as much anymore. I need to keep on it daily with my cream or I will revert back. I am hoping someday that I can put on a few rings again. That ship might have sailed through. My artihis is pretty bad and my fingers look just huge now. At least I am no longer in pain.


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