Trying a more natural approach with medical marijuana

I’m here to declare that medical weed benefits my life in a huge way. Anxiety has been an area of my everyday life since at least high school. And it may have gone back even further though I am sort of sluggish on that. Regardless, anxiety has been something I have had to deal with and work with to manage just how to live. It’s not been simple. I even went the antidepressant road for a while. It helped only a little bit. Yet, the side effects were so dramatic that whatever benefit I gained regarding the anxiety was cleared out by the side effects. It got to the point that I just had to move off from the meds. A buddy advised that I give medical cannabis a try. She suffered from parts of serious depression and found cannabis products to be largely beneficial for her. I figured that would be definitely worth the effort of working the marijuana regulations so I could access a cannabis store. While the process of getting my medical marijuana card was going on, I sought out cannabis info. There were some cannabis events that I attended to get a better cannabis education. Once I had access to the medical cannabis store, I was guided to particular cannabis flower products that had been shown to entirely help my stress levels. It didn’t take but a few uses of the medical cannabis before I saw clear improvement.

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You can improve your eyesight with weed

There are less floaters that I notice when I’m searching for things.

We have multiple health complications that we deal with for no other reason than who our parents are and the genetics they passed on to us. I think there are a lot of things that I’m thankful for when it comes to my gene pool. I’m a healthy guy with great skin and wonderful teeth. But, I also am also hairless and I have struggled with borderline glaucoma for my life. With the help of medical weed, I am dealing with that issue. Sadly, medical cannabis has yet been able to cure the no hair issue. But medical cannabis has long been attributed to helping people with my eyesight. Now with the advent of full fledged medical cannabis, even western medicine is saying yes to the medical marijuana benefit for this condition. I’ve been just medical cannabis products once I started looking into cannabis information and attending cannabis rallies in my area. It just made such logical sense for me to utilize a natural substance to treat my situation. The doctor has been entirely happy by the reduction in the pressure in my eyes from the borderline glaucoma condition. I have found that my eyes are also improving as well. There are less floaters that I notice when I’m searching for things. It’s remarkable that medical marijuana had such a great effect on me. I’m just thankful that I live in a state where medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are okay to use. It allows me to simply go to a cannabis dispensary to pick up the cannabis products that assist me.

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How I finally got medical cannabis

To think that just around 4 years ago I would have been denied access to the one treatment that has made the most difference in battling my inflammation and pain.

  • Where I live, there was no such thing as a cannabis dispensary until just 4 years ago.

This was due to the fact that these long held ideas that medical cannabis or any kind of cannabis was some sort of horrible thing. Even those who weren’t all caught up in the myths of what was being spread on TV still had it so illogically wrong. That fight was allowing for medical marijuana to be starting the path to a gateway drug. Well, if that’s true, then close up the liquor and distilleries because that may be the biggest gateway drug of them all. It was all just nonsense. Unluckily, it took a big tax break to entirely sway those in power on a statewide level. It wasn’t the medical marijuana benefit to people adore me. Nope, it was the dough. Well that’s okay, if that has to be the tradeoff then so be it. However, medical cannabis would never have passed were it not for people with deep billfolds getting behind it. So that I am also thankful for. But what I am most thankful for is that I can now legally access the cannabis store to get the cannabis products that help me. Without these vital medical cannabis products, I would be hurting and sore. Or worse, a completely addicted opioid statistic. With access to medical marijuana, I thankfully don’t have to make a choice like that.



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There is light at the end of the tunnel

Anyone who has experienced a migraine knows just how completely horrible that can be.

It absolutely has been the situation for me.

But, I have only been dealing with them for around 2 years now. Before this, I would think colleagues were making it up by staying at home with a migraine. It was just a headache, that is what I thought. How could that require a morning at home? Well now that I have added medical marijuana to my treatment, I am missing a lot less days at my workplace due to migraine. It’s odd the feeling I get when I know one is coming on. I only have so much time to get my meds in me and get to a dark, quiet space. And then it’s just hang on and hope that I caught it in time. Sometimes they are less harsh than others. However, a migraine is never something that is easily managed. I can’t even entirely open my eyeah much less try to do anything else. But since I got some cannabis information which led to more of a cannabis education, I have a new skill set. There are a lot of theories on what causes a migraine. For me, it can be super random or also brought on by stress. Using medical cannabis products makes the stress factor almost not existent. I use it in the evenings and this has helped prevent the onset of several of my stress induced pains I respectfully get early in the morning. I’m absolutely thankful to have the option to add medical cannabis to my treatment regimen for my migraine headaches. It makes such a pressing change.

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Medical weed was the cure after all

I’m really not sure if arthritis is passed down.

There are different confrontations regarding that. I tend to feel that it really just doesn’t matter. I think that I have it. And it’s such a tough thing to live with. However, I am finding a lot of help by using medical cannabis. I find it really ironic that one thing that is really helping me is something I was once radically opposed to. I grew up thinking any kind of cannabis product was a life destroying drug. This was the result of a lot of myth and teaching. When medical marijuana was on the docket, I even voted against it. And this is when I was starting to have real complications from our arthritis. The dentists kept up with all the meds and the dosages continued to rise. It got to the point where I was not just on anti inflammatory meds but pain killers too. My child was the one who implored me to try medical cannabis. Since it was now legal in our state, I didn’t feel it was as wrong. What a hypocrite right? Anyway, the more cannabis information that I got, the more I found out just how much it could help our case. It just finally made sense to just give it a try. I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I did. Medical marijuana has been a game changer for my situation. And I feel so humbled by all of the cannabis products that I take.

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What to do for muscle spasms

For some reason, my body went through such an odd transformation. But thanks to medical weed, I am able to manage! At the start, I thought it was just part of getting older. I would go for a walk or play a little chess and would experience muscle spasms. This was concerning but I simply started using over the counter meds and rubs to ease those muscle spasms. However, the intensity and duration dramatically increased. It was so awful that I ended up in the emergency room. The doctors just couldn’t come up with a actually firm diagnosis. Thus started a continuous cycle of muscle relaxers. Let me tell you, medical cannabis is far more effective and much more palatable for me and my situation. The meds left me hazy, groggy and I didn’t want to do the stretching that I needed to do. Instead, I became quite sedentary. I finally got some cannabis information and decided that I needed to give that a go. I’m so happy I did. Once I went through all the marijuana laws, I was free to go to the cannabis dispensary. And once I got there, I found a place that was ready and willing to help me with my recognizable problem of muscle spasms. It wasn’t like they just tossed some random cannabis flower items at me and took my money. Nah, they were actually thorough and complete in their finding the right cannabis product for our needs. Once I started using medical cannabis, I found that I wanted to do the stretching. And afterward, I found a lot less of the spasms I was accustomed to.

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It has been a change

Who knew that such a little organism could cause such trouble for a healthy lady like myself. And yet, it really did. I went for a picnic that changed my life and not in a great way. There were all kinds of health complications that seemed to be hitting me all at once. I had knee pain one day and extreme nausea the next. It finally sent me to the doctor where I was then named with Lymes disease. I didn’t realize just how intense this experience was going to turn out to be. The symptoms have really put havoc on my body and my immune plan Thankfully, I attended a cannabis event where I learned that my symptoms from Lymes can be made much easier thanks to medical cannabis. I got as much cannabis information as I could get our hands on in order to learn all I could about medical marijuana pros. Luckily, my state allows both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana. There are legal weed stores that I can get access to without having to deal with all the medical marijuana laws and taxes. When I went to the cannabis dispensary, I found an expert budtender that was highly versed in treating someone like myself using medical cannabis. After a few questions about the severity and frequency of our symptoms, the staff at the cannabis dispensary had me set up. I have been using the suggested cannabis products now for just a few months. But the results are so encouraging.

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Coping with MS

Medical cannabis would also help me feel okay about having MS

There are times in life a single person simply has to accept things. That’s not something I have ever been actually great at. Having MS changed that thought entirely. The use of medical marijuana allows me to maintain that perspective. Until I was in my forties, I was out to solve issues. Managing issues was not something I was willing to accept. To me, it was constantly a win or lose ideal. And this is how I approached most of my life. But over all, the universe ended up showing me that it is just not the natural order of things. Thanks to medical marijuana I am learning that managing a condition like MS is an adequate outcome. The afternoon I found out that I had MS, it was like I was angry. I simply started doing all the research I could find, making appointments and just basically freaking out in my own way. But my medical professional was quick to get me some cannabis information. She told me that I needed to get to the cannabis dispensary and let them find me the cannabis products that would help with my symptoms of MS. It was the only smart thing I did because I was still in a battle state of mind. The folks at the cannabis dispensary really did a good job and realized that medical marijuana was not going to only help my physical symptoms. Medical cannabis would also help me feel okay about having MS. It took a month or two before that message fully resonated but it finally did.

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I find relief from my chronic inflammation with cannabis

I have been given a pretty good amount of bizarre names.

There is chronic inflammation plus fibromyalgia just to name a few.

And those are the only ones that I can pronounce. All I easily know is that I deal with a huge amount of pain due to my joints plus tissue experiencing all kinds of inflammation. It’s a condition I have suffered with for roughly a decade. After trying a new approach that included medical marijuana, I am feeling better than I have in years. My inflammation setback sort of came along slowly. But after roughly a year, it was rather debilitating. No matter what the health professionals put me on, I couldn’t shake it. This cycle of pain plus meds carried on for the longest time. Finally, I decided that there may simply be no cure plus I was willing to believe that. Yet, I was ready to at least try to manage this condition without all the unbearable side effects of the meds. I took a more holistic approach which included medical cannabis. My new approach was a pretty serious lifestyle change. I put the emphasis on being the healthiest I could be regardless of the chronic inflammation. Changing my diet was the most important thing as was the use of the medical cannabis products. It helped me to stretch my muscles more without dealing with an alarming amount of pain. It also allowed me to sleep more comfortably. This more consistent rest was also a major help. It’s been less than a year plus I’m feeling so much better. I still must manage my chronic inflammation. But it is no longer managing me plus I can thank the medical marijuana benefits for that.

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Medical cannabis easily helps me manage my severe inflammation

I have been given quite a number of different names.

There is chronic inflammation plus fibromyalgia just to name a couple of them.

And those are the ones that I can easily say. All I really know is that I deal with a sizable amount of pain due to my joints plus tissue experiencing all this inflammation. It’s a condition I have suffered with for approximately a decade. After trying a modern approach that included medical marijuana, I am feeling fantastic. My inflammation complication sort of came along gradually. But after about a year, it was close to being entirely debilitating. No matter what the health workers placed me on, I was entirely unable to shake it. This cycle of pain plus meds went on for a relatively long while. Eventually, I made the choice that there may simply be no cure plus I was willing to accept that. Yet, I was ready to at least try to manage this condition without all the excruciating side effects of the meds. I took a more holistic approach which included medical cannabis. My modern approach was something of a lifestyle change. I put the priority on being the healthiest I could be despite the chronic inflammation. Changing up my diet was key as was the use of the medical cannabis products. It helped me to stretch my muscles more without feeling severe pain. It also allowed me to sleep easier. This more consistent rest was also a major help. It’s been less than a year plus I am feeling pretty good. I still have to manage my chronic inflammation. But it is no longer managing me plus that’s honestly because of the medical marijuana benefits.

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