Is All CBD The Same?

From adult seizures to cancer and chronic arthritis, CBD oil can be used to treat everything.

Using CBD oil is not the same as using real cannabis as medicine.

The compound CBD in marijuana is known to have medically proven therapeutic benefits. There are even FDA-approved anti-epileptic medications derived from cannabidiol, such as Epidiolex. In general, when people use cannabis as medicine, they are basically supplementing their natural levels of endocannabinoids with CBD. The result of this stimulation is the stimulation of the CB1 and CB2 endocannabinoid receptors in the brain, which, as we know, play a role in the production of serotonin. It is often said that serotonin is the happy chemical in the brain. The reason behind this is that having more serotonin makes people feel happier. Since hemp does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), manufacturers use hemp as the raw material to create CBD oil. Unfortunately, if you choose to purchase CBD oil online, you will not be able to enjoy the same level of assurance. It has been reported in recent years that several people have died from CBD oil products bought online that later proved to contain toxic ingredients. The majority of CBD products that are currently being sold online contain lower amounts of CBD than what is stated by the manufacturer. It is important to note that hemp-derived CBD oil is rarely prepared to the same standards as other medications or health supplements. Due to this reason, CBD oil is often marketed as a dietary supplement.

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Medical marijuana and women’s sexual health

Although cannabis has been used in both solo and partner sexual scenarios for a long time, there has been a recent boom in products designed especially for ladies, such as products aimed at enhancing natural sexuality, empowering ladies, and changing their happiness.

There is a long standing history intertwined between sexuality and the use of cannabis.

Using cannabis products for sexual health is not a novel concept. As a matter of fact, it has been around for centuries. There are some incredible companies formulating products geared towards ladies who want to learn how to incorporate cannabis into their wellness routines, but sexual health advocates have built entire works on cannabis-enhanced intimacy, and lubricants infused with THC promise increased arousal and better orgasms. Are these claims valid? Although researchers are still trying to determine the exact relationship between cannabis and sex, a growing body of evidence suggests the link does exist. Women who use marijuana frequently reported higher levels of arousal, stronger orgasms, and greater sexual delight in general. Additionally, THC can alter the perception of time, causing feelings of sexual delight to last longer. A receptor for cannabinoid known as CB1 has been found in serotonergic neurons, which secrete serotonin, a neurotransmitter associated with female sexual function. This indicates that activating CB1 may enhance that function. Aside from sexual benefits, women also use cannabis to fight pain and treat gynecological conditions.


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Cannabis dispensary moved next door

I got a smoking deal in my apartment since nothing was there at the time.

It was a giant apartment complex near nothing. I had a gym, pool area with grills and a social lounge to meet people. In my apartment I got granite countertops, stainless appliances, two bathrooms and a laundry set up. What was awful is that any bar, restaurant, grocery store or shop was around 30 minutes away. So I got a low rent despite the surrounding amenities. Pretty quick people started to build in my area. The first place to go was a cannabis dispensary. At first I was pretty bummed. I had never used cannabis before or really thought about it. However, it was right there. I could easily walk to the dispensary and go back to my place. The first time I walked in the dispensary I knew I was going to be hooked. There were so many options for cannabis use. You don’t need to smoke an oil or flower form. You can use a topical for sore muscles, a concentrate, tincture, or edible. I started getting into edibles. I found that the edible world in cannabis is much more than pot brownies. For the first time ever my friends were willing to come to my place too. I could host a party and have cannabis delivery right to my doorstep. Or I could have a nice day where we all go to the dispensary, look around and then try out the cannabis products at my place. I am very glad I have stuck around.
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Trying cannabis to help stomach issues

I don’t like to admit I have IBS.

I typically claim that I am lactose intolerant. What I do is limit certain foods in my diet. I don’t eat a lot of dairy. Foods high in lactose like milk and ice cream are cut from my diet. I also don’t eat meat, greasy foods or a lot of sugar. I make it a priority to work out and stretch everyday too. Even with this, I still experience stomach issues. I get cramps, my stomach makes horrible noises and I run to the bathroom. It is the most painful thing in the world. I literally brace my hands on the wall and sweat. I have read online that people rely on cannabis when they have stomach issues. I occasionally experience nausea with my stomach issues and cannabis helps with that as well. The last thing I want to do is consume something. So that leaves me with vaping cannabis oil. I don’t vape everyday but I do when I am being risky when I eat. Anytime I am about to eat out I vape right before the meal. I take some tums, beano and pepto with me as well. I figure the combination of all those things should help me. I have been able to decrease the amount of stomach flare ups I experience now that I use cannabis. I don’t tell people I am a marijuana user. They would want to know what it is for and I don’t really want to admit it is due to diarrhea, nausea and stomach cramps.

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Finding the right dispensary on our honeymoon

When my husband and I got married we wanted to honeymoon overseas.

Unfortunately COVID was still a big deal then and all international borders were closed. We had to choose a location within a different state. We ended up picking a state that is known for recreational weed. I thought a fun thing for us to do on our honeymoon would be to go to a cannabis dispensary. I researched for hours trying to find the perfect one. It took us forever to find it while navigating through the city. It was such a letdown. The cannabis dispensary was really small and basically had nothing on display. You had to pick out your products on an ipad and then they would bring it to you. That was not what my husband and I had in mind. We ended up leaving with no cannabis products. We then did a whole shopping day looking at clothing, food, shoes, watches and pipes. We happened across a different cannabis dispensary and my husband pushed to go inside. It was nice seeing a whole new business. It was set up so much better. There was a dab bar that was just gorgeous. There was a whole display of edibles to look at and all the strains of marijuana were laid out to read the specifications on. The bartenders were actually helpful in this store. I never even found that place in my research either. Funny how things like that work. It ended up being our favorite store on the trip. We bought some edibles and had a great honeymoon.



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Cannabis cooking night

I love to cook, especially when I am trying new things.

I will frequently pick up a cookbook and go to town on it.

I do a lot of online hunting for recipes as well. Sometimes I will buy something fun like sesame oil, falafel or flavored pesto and look up dishes that use them. I like to be experimental and fun. Recently I have gotten into cooking with cannabis. My state offers recreational weed and I have taken full advantage of this. I don’t enjoy smoking cannabis, but I do like the calm feeling I get when I have an indica in my body. I found the cannabis dispensary near me offers a cannabis cooking oil. I can stir fry vegetables or fry up chicken in oil and get a little cannabis in my system. There are even different flavors like Rosemary, Red Pepper, Lemon and Garlic. That is a neat thing to try for my dishes. I also found that a cannabutter is on the market too. My husband goes crazy for my seafood night now. I put the cannabis oil over salmon and put a bunch of seasonings on it. I then fry up scallops and shrimp in the cannabutter and add permission over top of it. I make rice on the side with some broccoli. He has quite the feast and it is really cannabis heavy. The two of us sleep like babies after seafood night. We have so much of it in our system but it was such a healthy meal too.


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An aging body loves time in the cannabis dispensary

The truth be told, I’d probably still use recreational marijuana even if it wasn’t so therapeutic.

Thankfully, I don’t have to make that choice.

For me, cannabis products provide a number of benefits to my physical well being. I’m in my mid 70’s and am in pretty good shape. I took care of myself fairly well and didn’t let my appetites ruin my health. So I was able to stay fit and active when many of my peers were giving up for a life in the recliner. That wasn’t for me so I kept on keeping on. Yet, I also had to deal with the very real limitations that come with aging. The body, in most cases, simply wears down a bit and I’m no exception. The aches and pain were really starting to set me back and impinge on my lifestyle. One of my doctors suggested trying indica products to help me with managing those aches and pains. The indica strains for sale at the local cannabis spot were the first cannabis products I ever bought. I’d smoked some grass long ago so I sort of knew what I was doing. But the folks at the cannabis dispensary were so kind and helpful. I discovered that the indica products were remarkable with helping me manage pain and extend my range of motion. But it was the addition of some of the sativa products that really put it all over the top for me. I discovered a hopeful, positive perspective deep inside me that I knew was there. The sativa products simply bring it out more readily and for that, I’m quite thankful.

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Getting the best from the cannabis cafe

It’s here that my friends and I enjoy a table in the sunshine while sharing a cannabis edible while drinking gloriously delicious coffee

If it’s a beautiful day and I don’t have to work, there is one place that I life to start such a day. I like to gather with some select friends at the cannabis cafe to kick off what is always the perfect start to a perfect day. Mostly, I like to clear my schedule on cannabis cafe days. These times are for spontaneity, laughter, joy and being outside. I’m lucky to live in a region that provides plenty of sunshine along with great cannabis products. I find this region to be the sort of place that I’ll be lucky to stay for the rest of my life. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t have work weeks that can just rip my soul out. That’s one of the problems with what I do for a living. But I love my job and the lifestyle it provides. So, I make sure that I’m able to balance my work life with my happiness. And a great start for that is with a morning at the cannabis cafe. This marijuana business sits in a perfect little sort of culdesac at the end the downtown shopping district. Yet, the cannabis cafe is tucked away from the hustle and bustle. It’s here that my friends and I enjoy a table in the sunshine while sharing a cannabis edible while drinking gloriously delicious coffee. Just doing this is wonderful but that’s generally just the start to some sort of adventure we all agree on during our session at the cannabis cafe. It really is all about living life with a smile on my face on days like that.

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Finding cannabis late in life is a good thing

When I was young and marijuana was so prevalent on the campus where I went to college, I abstained.

I’m probably one of a dozen or so people that I can remember from back then who didn’t partake in recreational marijuana.

It was a tiny, tiny minority of people who didn’t use cannabis back then. For me, I think it had everything to do with the myths I bought into. Cannabis products were portrayed as evil where I grew up and were some sort of crime against God and country. At that age, I was definitely quite impressionable and really was all about pleasing authority figures. So I went all through college and not once did I try sativa or indica. So I’m making up for it now! I’m retired and single these days. It’s pretty great really as I’m more active and into living life to a degree I’ve never reached prior. Living in the sun and being able to go to the local cannabis spot have a lot to do with this newfound perspective. It’s funny when I first walked into the cannabis dispensary, I was expecting stares and snickers. Goes to show that I really didn’t understand what cannabis was really all about. Instead of stares and all that, I was welcomed into a community of people with great intentions and even better personalities. They helped me find the sort of hybrid strains for sale that suited me perfectly. The local cannabis spot is now a weekly pop in on my schedule.

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Blew my friend’s mind with stop at the local cannabis spot

It’s pretty amazing what happens along the way in this life.

  • I’m in my early 60’s and it’s sort of hard to believe just how happy I am.

It helps that I live in a region where recreational marijuana is legal. Cannabis products have proved to be a saving grace for me as I aged. 7 or 8 years ago, I went through a traumatic time that ended up changing my life in a myriad of ways. I was offered early retirement from a job that was really taking all of my energy. I jumped at the offer and my wife and I planned our move to this area. Then, just before we moved, my wife died suddenly. It was such a bizarre thing to have happen. I was devastated but also just completely at a loss. I still moved here and suddenly, I was faced with starting this chapter without my partner. Thankfully, a therapist I was seeing suggested that I try cannabis products. I hadn’t smoked weed since college but I was up for whatever would help me out of the emotional mess I was in. My first trip to the local cannabis spot really changed my life. Not only did I get the sativa strains for sale that were recommended by my therapist, I was embraced at this marijuana business. It’s like they had been waiting for me all that time in order to help me back up to my feet. That’s been a while ago so it all seems so natural to me now. But it absolutely blew the mind of a visiting friend when I ducked into the local cannabis spot and was greeted as though I was family.


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