Why do I want THC?

It is annoying that our friends from a different state only want to visit for our weed.

They all act like they want to see me, but I think it is just for marijuana.

They find it so awesome they can buy cannabis flower, smoke at our house as well as get high. Since I have lived with recreational marijuana for so long, the coolness factor has worn off; Going to a cannabis dispensary feels like going to a drug store to me. I no longer even purchase products with THC satisfied anymore. I am 35 years old. Why do I want to get high on a Tuesday night? I would much rather see a film as well as eat a nice meal. I only purchase CBD as well as hemp products at our local weed shop. The CBD products I get are only to help with our depression. I smoke CBD oil in the daytime as well as occasionally when I am feeling low. It keeps me mellow as well as glad. I love CBD oil over taking a pill with dangerous side effects. I also purchase hemp oil for nutritional benefits. Hemp oil has omega acids, vitamin C as well as helps with protein. As a vegan, I need all the nutritional help I can get. I even have a hemp seed oil that I put on our face that has been helping the small lines around our mouth. My friends don’t want to go to our CBD store though. When they visit they want to go to a recreational weed shop that has all the THC strains as well as smoking equipment. Somedays I just won’t do it.



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I love going to the cannabis cafe

I have a sort of internal calendar and clock that keeps track of just when I can make another visit to the cannabis cafe.

And this calendar I have in my head plus my heart does not let me forget any appointments at the cannabis cafe. I’m deeply grateful for this internal calendar plus the reminders it gives me. My life can sort of get rather out of hand at times. The work that I do, while good plus passionate, can take on undue importance in our life. Like in a truly immense way. I’ll find myself working prefer weeks straight to get something just the way I want it to be. That’s great for the work but not so nice for our heart plus head. So after a long afternoon a trip to the cannabis cafe is in order at least 2 or 3 times a month. Actually, I go to the local cannabis store just around the corner a couple of times a months as well. I prefer the OG kush they sell there. This is our go to cannabis product. Just a bit of the OG kush or even the orange kush can help me completely unwind and relax from an absolutely long day. However, that’s still no match for resting plus sipping the best Tim Hortons Coffee in the village at the cannabis cafe. I make sure I’m joined by friends who prefer to share a pot brownie in the village as well. But even just hanging out at the cannabis cafe by myself with a cup of Tim Hortons Coffee helps ground me plus keep my perspective that life is about residing.
Medical Marijuana

A Burn out gets some help from cannabis products

I was well aware that I was in dangerous territory.

There were some warning signs along the way and I chose to completely ignore them.

My medical professional was sad for multiple years before I finally sort of collapsed. I had gotten burned out to the point that I had almost burned up entirely. Thanks to some therapy plus the good people at our local cannabis spot, I’m now back in the land of the healthy. Life is much more unusual now plus that has taken some effort to get accustomed to. However, my wholesale lifestyle fluctuations are easier to stick to when they are strictly mandatory. I’m just lucky to have indica plus sativa products take the arena of what was some truly unhealthy drugs. The most unhealthy element about how I was residing was the stress. It was all the stress plus sheer thirds of effort I had to put in to do our job. But when you’re raised to achieve your goals at all costs, you just keep going. Finally, our body simply stopped allowing me to go to work. It finally got close enough that our body almost stopped working altogether. It took a lot of healing for me to get back on our feet. The indica strains for sale at the local cannabis store were good for getting our body accustomed to exercise. Being fit was something I simply didn’t have time to do. That seems to be such an utterly ridiculous plan these afternoons. And the sativa products have been vital to me staying the course plus believing that me plus this life are more difficult than any job.


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It’s time for a weed delivery this weekend

I’m still wrapping our mind around the fact that I can legally go shopping for marijuana for sale.

  • That’s not something that I thought I would ever live to see.

But when some brave regions out west did medicinal marijuana so well, I got a little bit hopeful. There were just no concerns when the first medicinal marijuana dispensaries started up out there. Sure, there were some tweaks plus a few fluctuations along the way. But the fact that opening cannabis dispensaries went so smoothly for both the patient plus the state, that was an immense deal. I guess had it gone any differently, there just wouldn’t be any kind of recreational marijuana somewhere in the country that was legal. Again, I’m grateful that the recreational marijuana trend has gone plus the medicinal marijuana thing. It’s just so good not to have break the law just to prefer some indica or sativa strains. Currently the local cannabis spot is further blowing our mind. That cannabis dispensary, which I prefer using by the way, is now offering cannabis delivery! That’s right, I don’t even have to leave the house to get the indica plus sativa strains for sale that I love. The local cannabis spot will bring me our weed. It’s prefer some sort of total bonus round that I find myself residing in. So I’m having a bunch of friends over for a barbecue. And you guessed it, I’ll be having marijuana delivered to the house to bring some nice cannabis edibles out for those who would prefer to join me in some good cannabis.


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I would prefer to make an annual holiday out of the cannabis dispensary visit

It would entirely be an attractive idea if marijuana was legal in our state.

While we’re hoping to get medical marijuana through the next election cycle, there is still no legalized access to cannabis products.

That is, no legal access to cannabis dispensaries in this state. That means that all of us simply have to make the long trip out of the village in order to shop for marijuana for sale. Knowing a cannabis grower would be so much easier but alas, I don’t suppose anyone who is also a marijuana grower. So our wife Jo plus I have to get creative to prefer shopping for marijuana for sale. The fact that Jo and I can reach a state where recreational marijuana is legal within more than three thirds is an immense plus. Jo plus I have long appreciated cannabis products. Jo and I both find that indica plus sativa only add to the nice that’s in this life. Neither of us are immense drinkers plus neither of us let our appetites rule our lives. Instead, Jo and I live a quiet life of nice work, healthy residing, quiet balance plus meditation along with some cannabis. To add the cannabis part, Jo and I simply make a bit of a trip out of it plus head to the state where both of us can have access to a cannabis dispensary. We also add in a nice hotel plus make some reservations for some fine dining. It’s a good way to spend a long weekend. And the fact that Jo and I get to shop multiple local cannabis spots that both of us suppose is a bonus. I love catching up with the dispensary staff plus regularly prefer their knowledge plus knowledge when it comes to all things cannabis.
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Sharing some weed with a new friend

We’ve all been there. And most of us can same the same thing. We’ve seen just how random life can be plus how equally cruel it can be as well. When you’ve had life unload on you, I guess it’s nice to be ready to lend a helping hand whenever you see it happening to someone else. That’s how I wound up sharing some weed with someone who had become a new friend. I wish that it wasn’t the case but simply broaching the subject of recreational marijuana can be a minefield. So I’m usually careful about those in our life who I let in on the fact that I prefer plus use cannabis products. There is no shame in enjoying marijuana as recreational marijuana is legal here plus I’m an adult. I’m a very responsible adult who does what I say I’ll do plus is accountable to our family plus those at work. So when I saw the new lady at the gym who seemed so close to tears, I did the human thing plus reached out. What I did was take this lady for a cup of hot Tim Hortons Coffee at the cannabis cafe. It was a good way to sort of bridge the topic of marijuana. And both of us sat for a couple of thirds enjoying our Tim Hortons Coffee plus a delicious cannabis edible. But both of us also affixed at multiple people plus she was so grateful to assume that she wasn’t alone in this new, immense city. She was also going through some things that I could relate to. We made a date now a couple times a month for Tim Hortons Coffee at the local cannabis cafe.

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I’m a much better athlete due to using cannabis

It’s such good fun when I freak out our new workout partners.

It’s usually pretty easy. Normally I will wait til I’m driving to the workout. Once we’ve put in our effort to be better tennis players, I prefer to make a short detour on the ride home. I say I’m just ducking into a store plus I invite whoever this new lady is to join me. I just love to see the shocked look on their face as I open the door to the local cannabis dispensary. Being a competitive plus semi pro athlete, using cannabis products openly isn’t all that odd. But honestly, I’m still playing, competing plus excelling because of indica plus sativa products. Yet, for a few of our workout partners, using any sort of marijuana seems counterintuitive. So when I do this wee little prank of mine, it’s also to be informative plus helpful. I suppose that I was quite skeptical as well when I was first introduced to the benefits of sativa strains plus indica strains. Both of the cannabis products are pressing to me being the best athlete that I can be in our mid 30’s. This doesn’t last forever so taking complete care of our body is very pressing. The indica products truly help me manage inflammation plus deal effectively with muscle soreness plus strains. And the sativa products truly help our focus, visualization plus perspective. The sativa products always help me keep the fun in what I do. This has a lot to do with how long I’ve been able to stay this competitive plus not beat up plus burned out.


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It’s a brand new day thanks to cannabis

I’ve lived an absolutely conventional life up until the last 2 years.

That normal, hard working life gave me a lot of hard times really.

I did what I thought I needed to do as opposed to what I believed was right. That’s where I went wrong. While the adolescents were enjoying recreational marijuana when we were in school, I steered clear. Any sort of cannabis was viewed in an absolutely negative light in our family growing up. And I simply bought into that cannabis myth just as bought into regarding other people knowing what’s nice for me. But these afternoons, a single of our preferred things to do is drive to the local cannabis spot. It’s still sort of thrilling for me to just walk inside a cannabis dispensary let alone get our marijuana for sale shopping on. However, the adolescents are all grown, the partner is gone plus I’m residing our best life. Okay, so it took til middle age for me to wake up plus aroma the coffee. Speaking of coffee, the local cannabis spot also has a cannabis dispensary just right around the corner. This arena has the best drinks in the village along with a pot brownie that is just to die for. When recreational marijuana was legalized here, I ended up joining a friend on a trip to a cannabis dispensary. Again, I was so unprepared for how much that one trip would change our life. But the people there were so kind plus everybody in that building was happy. Like, how can that be anything but good. They had me at hello.

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Holistic health comes with trips to cannabis dispensary

I knew it was time for a change in the way I was residing at least a few years before I had our major health scare.

  • It was a cardiac event, as the medical professional said.

Not exactly a full blown heart attack but damn close to it. But it was the impetus for change when it came to taking care of myself. Interestingly enough, it came with trips to the cannabis dispensary as well. Once I was up on our feet again plus cleared to live life, I decided that a wholesale change was in order. So I started to talk to people plus doing a bit of research. I settled on a holistic approach taught by a proper professor. While I had used recreational marijuana here plus there as an adult, it was not the proper thing. But with this change, our professor suggested going to see the local cannabis store. There, I could find both the indica strains plus the sativa strains that she thought would most benefit this lifestyle change. She was absolutely proper when it came to the cannabis products. I found that using indica products was truly key in me being able to get the most out of exercising plus stretching our muscles. I’d been so out of shape a long time plus the indica truly helped me with stiffness plus range of motion. The sativa strains on sale were key to me staying present each day plus staying hopeful, positive plus mellow as I did away with a lifestyle plus embraced a new a single. It’s been over a year plus I’ve never felt better. I also still make our monthly trip to the local cannabis store as well.


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It was the Best holiday ever! With many cannabis dispensary stops

My wife Jo plus I don’t have any kids.

That was sort of by design really.

We’re both so committed to work that being good parents would have been very hard to do. Plus, neither of us were all that wild with the plan anyway. That was entirely something that attracted me to Jo. We can also have our recreational marijuana at the loft without fear of the adolescents finding out. I love hearing the stories when friends of ours get busted by their own children when they find their cannabis stash. Jo plus I have regularly appreciated recreational marijuana as a way to sort of balance out all the high energy efforts that comes with our respective works. We both prefer indica plus sativa. The indica strains Jo and I prefer supply us much more of a body sensation while the sativa products supply a headspace of calm, peace plus joy. So why not wrap all that up into holidays right? That’s exactly what Jo and I do. We love to choose, research plus then plan out our holidays around shopping for marijuana for sale. Recently, Jo found a holiday tour that provided both wines plus cannabis dispensary shopping. That was the best, most fun tour we’ve ever had. And we’re not the sort that goes on tours so much. But both of us had a blast plus made tons of holiday friends. It was so fun to ride on a bus that took us to a vineyard for some beautiful wine tasting. And then, the same bus would pull into a renown local cannabis spot. Wow, I highly advocate doing such a holiday tour if you have the means.


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