Date night gets really fun with trip to cannabis dispensary

And that turned into just a fun and light hearted weekend

My wife and I have been together for nearly 20 years. And I wouldn’t trade away a single moment of that experience. While we have certainly faced our challenges, we’ve always stayed solidly together in facing those challenges. It’s so great when your wife is your best friend and partner. We met in college. I was a pretty serious guy and she was a bit more of a free spirit. Actually, she’s the person who introduced me to recreational marijuana. I hadn’t ever tried marijuana before and it was quite an eye opening experience. For one thing the purple cannabis we smoked wouldn’t allow me to pretend I wasn’t falling in love with this girl. Talk about the benefits of marijuana. Of course we ended up getting married and we started careers and later a family. That hasn’t left a lot of time for recreational marijuana use. Plus, until just more than a year ago, only medical marijuana was legal in this state. So when I found out that our daughters were going away for the weekend with their aunt, I made a trip to the cannabis dispensary. I was able to locate some of the sativa products that we used back then. And I purchased some lovely cannabis edible as well. Then, I went home and made my wife’s most favorite dinner as a surprise date night. It was such a lovely evening. And that turned into just a fun and light hearted weekend. It was so fun to rediscover recreational marijuana together and have the whole house to ourselves to do just that.


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I attempted to walk away, but the guy was persistent

There is a guy in my yoga class that has hit on me a couple of times.

I have a boyfriend, so I have told the guy that I am not interested.

He is cute and friendly and in physically great shape, but I am happy with my boyfriend. When the guy showed up at my job, I was surprised. He acted like he didn’t know I work at the cannabis dispensary. I’m sure that I told him at least one or two times that I work at the cannabis shop. I helped the guy with his order, but he didn’t seem very interested in ordering recreational cannabis supplies. I told the guy that I was very busy and I needed to help other customers. I attempted to walk away, but the guy was persistent. He followed me to the other side of the store and begged me to give him my phone number. I must have sent a signal to the security officer, because he got up from the desk and came over to ask if everything was okay. The guy from my yoga class rolled his eyes and walked to the other side of the store. I told the security guard that everything was fine. As soon as he walked away, the guy came over to the counter and started to make conversation. I told the guy that he was going to need to leave and he started to get louder and louder. Eventually the security guard came over and intervened. He escorted the guy outside to his car and politely asked him not to return again.



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Delivery prices are higher than the in store prices

My wife and I went on vacation and we visited a place where recreational marijuana is legal.

Both of us thought it might be fun to order recreational marijuana supplies from a dispensary.

There was a dispensary close to our hotel and they offered free delivery. My wife and I browsed the selection online. When we were looking at the selection, we chose the option for pickup. At the end of our order, we decided to change to delivery. We thought it could be fun to stay in the hotel and order room service. When my wife changed the option to delivery, the price in the cart changed. I thought it was strange, so I tried to find out where the price difference was coming from. That’s when I realized that the delivery prices were higher than the prices in the store. When I changed the option back to pick up, the total was the same as the first amount. My wife and I didn’t want to pay extra when the recreational marijuana dispensary was right across the street. We decided to take a walk before dinner. We still stayed in the room and ordered food from the hotel kitchen, but we got high in the parking lot before we went back to our room. My wife and I had a lot of fun while we were on vacation, but the night we got high in the hotel room was an adventure that I won’t quickly forget. We laughed like teenagers and ate snacks like college kids. It was one of the best experiences that we have shared.


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They were out of OG kush and skywalker OG

OG Kush is a strain from the West Coast that was first cultivated in the state of Florida.

OG Kush is a cross of chemdawg and Hindu Kush.

Chemdawg is my absolute favorite strain for hybrid mixing. I prefer all things with Chemdawg including OG kush. Some people think OG refers to Original Gangster and other people believe OG is a synonym for authenticity. OG Kush is filled with terpenes like limonene, pinene, and myrcene. OG Kush is a very heavy indica hybrid. The plant has a very low flowering time and it can yield a huge crop when grown indoors under the right conditions. Skywalker OG is another Indica strain that I prefer. Skywalker OG is an indica dominant Cross of OG Kush and blueberry. Skywalker OG also has limonene, myrcene, and linalool. Both of these Indica dominant hybrids are my top two picks when I go to the cannabis dispensary. Most of the time the dispensary has both of these strains. Yesterday I went to the dispensary and they were out of both. I was really bummed out and disappointed, because this is the first time that has ever occurred. I spoke with a budtender at great length about the other indoor and indica strains that were available. She recommended a couple of different strains, but I was so bummed out about the lack of OG Kush and SkyWalker that I didn’t buy anything at all. I didn’t want to settle for something less than amazing when I could wait for a couple more days and get exactly what I wanted.


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I prefer blue dream, but the super silver haze was nice too

Even though I prefer blue dream, the super silver haze was nice too

When I go to the dispensary to buy sativa strains, I absolutely look for blue dream. Blue dream is one of the best sativa strains on the market. Blue dream is actually a hybrid, but it is well known to be sativa dominant. It is a mix of two famous strains called Haze and blueberry. Blue Dream makes my brain feel stimulated and my body feels relaxed. I’ve had blue dream and flower, concentrate, and dabs. A lot of people think that blue dream tastes like blueberries, but I only get that flavor when I use a full spectrum or terpene rich cannabis oil. The rest of the time, I happen to think that blue dream taste more like flowers or wood. I went to The Dispensary on Monday to pick up some blue dream flower. I was disappointed when I found out that they were completely out of that brand that I usually pick. It’s reasonably priced at $25 for an ace. The only other sativa strain they had available was super silver haze. Super Silver Haze is a nice sativa strain as well. Even though I prefer blue dream, the super silver haze was nice too. It made me feel very relaxed while stimulating my brain and uplifting my mood. I even wrote a new song while I was smoking weed the other day. It’s clear that each one of the sativa strains has the same properties, because the effects are very similar between all of the sativa strains including Super Silver Haze and blue dream.
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I found a half ounce of weed behind the refrigerator in the stock room

When my car broke down and I could not participate in marijuana delivery services, my boss asked me to clean the stockroom and get rid of all the old stuff.

The stockroom has lots of different marijuana supplies.

Some of the items are old products that are past the date. Some of the products in the stockroom or cannabis items that have not gone on the Shelf yet. There are boxes of old papers and lots of merchandise from local businesses like hats, t-shirts, lanyards, pens, and buttons. It was dark and creepy in the stockroom, but I spent most of my morning cleaning all of the floors and organizing all of the supplies. There is a large refrigerator in the stock room and we keep all of our cannabis concentrates supplies in the refrigerator. It is consistently 42 degrees. This is the perfect temperature for storing cannabis concentrate. I decided to move the refrigerator so I could clean the area behind it. Clearly no one had moved the refrigerator for a long time. There was a clear line of dust in the area where it was located. The tiles under the refrigerator look brand-new, while the other ones were discolored and brown. When I moved the refrigerator in the stockroom, I found a half ounce of weed. It was covered with dust and the date was from 2 years ago. I probably should have thrown the bag in the garbage, but I put it in my jacket and took it home. It wasn’t stale at all and I still got really high from the two year old flower.


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My wife brought everyone cookies that night

Last month I started a new job working at a cannabis dispensary. I’m currently working as the nighttime assistant manager and then I am going to take over for the manager when she is promoted in a month. I have had a hard time getting to know my employees, so my wife suggested baking some cookies to bring to work. Last Friday when the store was busy, my wife brought three dozen chocolate chip cookies to the cannabis dispensary. Each one of the employees got freshly baked and warm chocolate chip cookies. My wife and I talked for a half an hour and then she went back home. After my wife left, every one of the budtenders had nice things to say about her. They told me to thank her for the cookies and they seemed happy to accept cookies anytime she baked more. When my wife brought cookies to the cannabis dispensary that night, I did not realize everything would change. Suddenly all of the budtenders were much more friendly and helpful. The delicious cookies brought everyone together. During the past week, I haven’t had any problems getting people to do what I need and I am generally feeling more respect from the employees. They say that the best way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, but I think that is true with everyone. Food has a way of making people feel warm and happy and my wife is the best baker in the entire Midwest area. She makes cookies, cakes, and pies that would rival Julia Child.


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Edibles for Christmas

It has been ten years since I lived with my parents.

I don’t visit them as often as I should, but come hell or high water I always make sure to spend Christmas with them.

I have not missed a Christmas with them my whole life. As my folks get older they get crankier, and quite frankly are not much fun to be around. But the tradition is still important to me, and I think it’s important to them, as well. It’s just not Christmas if I’m not in my childhood home! This year I got their presents from my cannabis dispensary, in hopes they would be warmly received. In the past, my parents were both hardliners against cannabis use, but a lot has happened in the last few years. I have had discussions with them about the changing of cannabis laws. Much to my surprise, as soon the government changed their tune about the “dangers” of cannabis, so did my parents. In other words, once the authorities stopped saying marijuana was bad, so did my folks! With that in mind, I went to the cannabis dispensary and bought them each some very potent yet very legal edibles. Being as old as they were, I didn’t feel it was proper to get them a sack of cannabis – their lungs were not up to that challenge. On the other hand, edibles have the same physical high of quality bud, but without all the hacking and coughing. I will write back soon and let you know if they ate and enjoyed the edibles, or if I ate them all.


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Working up the nerve to ask out the budtender

Three weeks ago my pals and I were out and about on a weekend, and decided to swing by the cannabis dispensary. Actually it was my pals who wanted to do that, I was just along for the ride. I had tried smoking a few times, but didn’t really enjoy it. Maybe it was my asthma, but I just coughed too much to have any fun being stoned. This night we went in so they could buy some party favors, and I was awestruck by the most beautiful girl behind the counter. I immediately walked over to her and asked for some help in finding the right kind of cannabis. Just to be able to talk to her, I was suddenly willing to buy as much cannabis as I possibly could. I explained to her that I hated the coughing fits that came with smoking cannabis, and asked what she would recommend. Her name was Mona, and she led me back to the section of edibles and smokeless cannabis they carried. A surprising amount of shelves were lined with smoke cannabis products, a lot more than I ever expected. Mona was a new budtender, but she also didn’t really like smoking cannabis, so she was a big fan of edibles. I asked for her to pick out her favorite edibles, so that I could try them. I waited a few days before going back to the cannabis dispensary, because I didn’t want Mona to know I was stalking her. I keep going back and buying edibles, still working up the nerve to ask Mona out.

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I was thinking about getting a medical marjiuana card

The cannabis budtenders helped me get what I needed and I left satisfied

Another restless night where I spent most of the night staring at my phone screen. I had already tried sleeping for a few hours, but no luck. So instead, I read cute and funny stories hoping to cheer my unhappy mind up. After an hour of continuous scrolling, I got up and decided to just have a super early morning, at 4 am, and eat breakfast while it was still dark out. The early bird gets the worm, I guess. Anyways, I need to get better sleep, because this lack of sleep is having a bad toll on my health. Just today, I fell asleep at my desk, and my boss caught me drooling all over my keyboard, which was extremely embarrassing. Thank God I have a great personal record, so he let it slide, but he warned me he better not catch me snoozing at my desk again, and I took the warning to heart. This only reinforced my urgency in getting help with my sleep issues. A coworker who knew I was struggling recommended a doctor to me, which I later found out was a medical marijuana doctor near me. I wasn’t sure about using medical marijuana until I did some research online and saw all of the medical marijuana benefits, I couldn’t wait to try it out! After seeing the medical marijuana doctor, I was able to visit a medical marijuana dispensary the same day. I didn’t even have to look at their cannabis product menu, as I already knew what I needed. The cannabis budtenders helped me get what I needed and I left satisfied. That night was the best sleep I had gotten in the past 10 years. I slept through the whole night.


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